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Mall Sales Manager® 4.0 is a Windows® program written for 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/VISTA/7/8/8.1/10
  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • Free Technical Support
  • Supports using Barcode for Inventory and Customer Point of Sale transactions
  • Feature to Calculate Cost of goods sold
  • Form for counting the coins and bills in the cash drawer and printing a report
  • Function to print Inventory Barcode Labels
  • Feature to Print Merchandise Tags
  • Comprehensive Help File
  • Supports Canada's GST/HST and PST taxes
  • Allows both a State and Local sales tax rate
  • Point of Sale (POS) or Batch Input
  • Supports multi-user networking
  • Option to send email to all, one, or multiple Dealers listing their sales for a selected period
  • Option to print a list of all dealers for a selected period that displays the net amount owed the dealer or the net amount owed the mall
  • Option to create a comma delimited export file of sales records for importing into a spreadsheet, database or other programs that accept comma delimited files
  • Option to create a comma delimited export file of inventory records for importing into a spreadsheet, database or other programs that accept comma delimited files
  • Option to reprint a customer receipt after the POS screen is closed
  • Option to automatically apply the Dealer Allowed Discount Percent to the sale.
  • Built-in function for printing mailing labels for buyers and dealers
  • Serialized customer receipt
  • Easy Data Backup and Restore using a Flash Drive, Zip Drive or CD-RW Drive
  • Export files to Quicken® (2004 or earlier) and Quickbooks® for printing dealer checks
  • Supports optional use of most 40 column receipt printers
  • Supports optional use of most printer driven electronic cash drawers
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Dealer Sales Report by Selectable Period
  • Dealer Sales to Date Report by Selectable Period
  • Mall Sales Summary by Selectable Period
  • Automatically calculates amount owed either to the dealer or to the mall including commission/consignment fees, dealer rents, dealer credits, dealer charges, credit card surcharges, etc.
  • Tracks Dealer Credits and Dealer Charges
  • Lay a Way Sales including Lay a Way Contract
  • Tracks Lay a Way payments due
  • Tracks Cashier's initials on sales record and receipt
  • Calculates and records sales tax
  • Handles exempt sales
  • Calculates discount on sale items
  • Optional Dealer Surcharge for Credit Card Sales
  • Assign Space Rent, Showcase Rent, Commission fee, Consignment fee, Credit Card Surcharge fee and Advertising Charge by individual dealer
  • Charge a Special, DIFFERENT Commission or consignment fee on Any Selected Item(s) in a Sale instead of the default fee in the Dealer file.
  • Tracks method of payment - Cash, Check, Type of Credit Card, Dealer Charge or Gift Certificate on sales record
  • Exempt Buyer List
  • Customer Want List
  • Inventory Tracking, if desired
  • Option of printing one or two copies of Customer Sales Receipt, Layaway Contract/Receipt and Layaway Payment/Receipt
  • Provides up to the moment visibility of total mall sales as well as individual dealer sales.
  • Reduces errors in calculating total sales, sales tax and change returned to the customer
  • Significantly reduces Mall Management's time required to prepare monthly dealer reports

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